Stick Noodles Plant

Fine Dried Stick Noodles Production Line 3T/8H

  • Model:GMS30-L
  • Capacity:3T/8h
  • Dimension:can be designed according to customer
  • Power:75 kw
  • Fine Dried Noodles Production Line
    Hanging low temperature fine dried noodle production line is a kind of mature and stable and reliable production line through decades of improvement, represent the advanced level of domestic industry. Configuration of this production line is perfect in workmanship, the whole process automation degree is high, the maneuverability is strong, the continuity is good, the product quality is excellent, high yield, low energy consumption.

    Production process of Fine Dried Noodles Production Line
    Cast flour - Mixed brine measuring - Flour mixing - Dough curing delivery - Pressing - Continuous rolling - Molding and cutting- Rod supplying - Putting up - Drying room drying - Putting down - Stick noodles cutting - Noodles packing
    Noodles Production Line
    Noodle manufacturing industry is no longer the traditional rough machining industry, and become an important part of modern food industry. Industrialized production of dry noodles belong to raw cracker dough products, through the processing of drying process, is different from the traditional family produced wet noodles; Industrialized production of dry noodles can conform to the relevant standards and the requirements established by the state in order to strengthen food safety of industry. Fine dried noodles manufacturing has been integrated with modern food processing with high and new technology, realized the mechanization of noodle processing, continuous (Use whole production line, flour and auxiliary materials input, noodles finished product output). Turn the traditional noodle processing into a large line industrialized production, implement the workshop closed clean production, and through the construction of fine dried noodles integrated technical measures, such as circulation of warehouse,  effectively prevent the noodles insect, clams, ensure the safety, high quality product, easier to market circulation(reduce the pollution in the process of circulation).

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    Our Service
    We sincerely supply comprehensive and best service to all of our customers. We offer services for the following.
    1. supply solutions for the buyers' special demands
    2. new design plant layout according to the actual situation
    3. onsite installation, commissioning and operational training
    4. provide technical support both at setup and maintain
    5. long - term supply of spare parts
    6. warranty service

    About Us
    JINGCHENG Machinery Company set up in 1988, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of different noodle making machines.Our company offers complete sets of fried instant noodle production line and non-fried instant noodle production line, dried noodle production line,fresh noodle production line, corn noodle production line and rice noodle production line. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network . The products of our company are exported to many countries in Asia, Western Europe and South Africa.

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  • Dough Sheet Width: 350mm  Output: 3T/8h
    Brine Mixer
    Pump Power: 0.75kw
    Volume: 1000L/set
    Supply Metering device
    Volume: 110litre
    Power: 0.75kw
    Dough Mixer
    Power: 6.5/8kw
    Curing Machine
    Power: 0.75 kw+1.5kw
    Continuous Rolling Machine
    Sheet Width: 350mm
    Power: 5.5kw+5.5kw
    7 group rollers
    Rod Supplying Machine
    Power: 1.5kw(frequency control)
    Length of noodles can be adjusted
    Cutting Tidy Machine
    Power: 1.1kw
    Putting-up Device
    Carbon steel production
    Drying Equipment
    Power: 3kw
    Fan Power: 0.75 kw*13set
    Drying Time: 4hours
    stainless steel rod :4000 pieces
    Putting-down Machine
    Power: 1.5kw
    Noodles Cutting Machine
    Length of noodles: 120-290mm
    Power: 0.8kw
    Electrical control
    Frequency control
    PLC control
    Total Power

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