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Automatic Noodle Making Machine for Sale

2018-01-04 19:15:37

Automatic noodle making machine is a safe and efficient noodles processing machinery, and the produced noodles has uniform thickness, is widely used in the dining room, restaurants and noodle processing factory. Pay attention to start the machine to check if there are sundry between roll and cutting knife, operators must pay attention to safe distance to the hand and roll surface.
Automatic Noodle Making Machine
To stop and cut off the power supply after use, clean up the product on the fuselage surface, unavailable to shatter metal objects scraping knife roll and noodles, lubricating oil for machine within the bearing lubrication oil to replace 1 times a year, check the tightness of the belt and wear conditions, such as the change in time when you need to change a new belt, long time no noodles confidential two roll and knife surface coated with cooking oil, prevent rust.
A new generation of noodle machine parameters and function, a new generation of dry noodles machine has automatic cutting off, hanging, drying, and other functions, a new generation of dry noodles machine has more convenient operation and easy to understand, fully automated work throughout the process. Adjustment: use the handwheel to adjust roll gap, the gap of reference data is: In the process of adjustment, tighten or loosen the handwheel, sometimes not easy alignment, the key is to find out reason, patience, can be adjusted down when not skilled, normal after locking the handwheel.

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