Single Series

5 Rollers Soba Noodles Making Machine

  • Model:5-350
  • Capacity:350 kg per hour
  • Dimension:3200*780*1370mm
  • Power:4 kw
  • Our company is an enterprise specializing in the production of automatic noodle machine, produced by multiple sets of multi-roll 5, 6, 7, 8 series noodle machine, economical and practical, supporting a variety of cutting tool and has more than 20 specifications cutting knife and four diameter round noodles, basically can meet the market demand, with superior equipment for many years, to create high-quality and diversified products, won the user response to good reputation. 
    5 Rollers Noodle Making Machine
    Compared with our manufacturers who also produce noodles making machine, our company has the following three advantages:
    1) Specification customization: More convenient
    2) Same price: More excellent quality
    3) Same quality: We have lower price.

    This machine can be used to process many kinds of noodles, such as soba noodles, fettuccine, noodles with different vegetable color. Main features: 
    1. All steel gear transmission, all bearings, small volume, compact structure. Automatic transmission, molding in  one time, automatic cutting noodles; 
    2. Multiple sets of rolling, rolling wire drawing, uniform feeding, tidy panel, speed reducer, chain wheel chain transmission, low noise, long service life. Save Labour. 

    1, Dough mixing: This is the first working procedure in noodles production, put flour to into dough mixer for mixing, in accordance with the provisions, the proportion of 25% water, start the power, to mix evenly the flour and water into granule (better use after in 10 minutes) can be used. 
    2, Adjust: use the handwheel to adjust the roll gap, each roll gap reference data are as follows: (Except machine more than 330 units) in the process of adjustment, tighten or loosen the handwheel, sometimes not easy alignment, the key is to find out reason, be patient, make sure normal and then lock the handwheel. 
    3, Operation: the mixed flour into the hopper, press knife and fix the blade, can boot operation, the third group need to guide the dough sheet by hand to the next set of (multi set etc) after operation.

    Our Service
    We sincerely supply comprehensive and best service to all of our customers. We offer services for the following.
    1. supply solutions for the buyers' special demands
    2. new design plant layout according to the actual situation
    3. onsite installation, commissioning and operational training
    4. provide technical support both at setup and maintain
    5. long - term supply of spare parts
    6. warranty service

    About Us
    JINGCHENG Machinery Company set up in 1988, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of different noodle making machines.Our company offers complete sets of fried instant noodle production line and non-fried instant noodle production line, dried noodle production line,fresh noodle production line, corn noodle production line and rice noodle production line. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network . The products of our company are exported to many countries in Asia, Western Europe and South Africa.

    Contact us now! To get more information about noodle production!
  • Model 5-250 5-260 5-300 5-350
    Width of Dough Sheet 250mm 260mm 300mm 350mm
    Size of King Roller 100*250mm 140*260mm 140*300mm 140*350mm
    Capacity 200kg/h 260 kg/h 300 kg/h 350 kg/h
    Power 3kw 4kw 4kw 4kw
    Weight 700kg 900kg 1000kg 1200kg
    Dimension 2600*650*1370mm 3200*680*1370mm 3200*700*1370mm 3200*780*1370mm

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