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Upgrading Instant Noodle Production Line

2017-12-20 14:54:34

Industrial upgrading and transformation, innovative operation mode and improving service level are the only way for enterprises to achieve win-win and the main direction of the future development of enterprises. China's noodles machinery manufacturing industry has long been backward in technology, high energy consumption, single variety, incomplete function, poor configuration, rough workmanship, technical support and inadequate service. Our factory will pay more attention to upgrading instant noodle production line and improving service quality.
Instant Noodle Production  Line
1, On the electrical components of the machine configuration, using domestic and international famous brands of high grade brand components, greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine, improve the stability of machine operation, reduce the maintenance cost of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine.
2. In terms of the performance of instant noodles making machine, focusing on improving the automation of the machine and the production of machines, reducing operators and reducing production costs.
3. On the operability of the machine, to realize digital, computerized, reducing the dependence of the previous experience of the operator, the LCD display is used on many machines, make the operation more convenient and intuitive.
4. On the machine installation and training, and install if using live demonstration and training, and ordered a thorough and transparent operation and maintenance manuals and some equipment made a CD production process.
5. On the appearance of the machine, please make a detailed work and pursue aesthetic appearance; The color of the machine adopts the international color and the modern main color combination, appears beautiful and generous.
6. On the machine and service of form a complete set, the implementation of one-stop production and one-stop services, complete equipment package production to reduce the customer's purchasing cost, saves time and effort.
At present, Jingcheng noodles machinery factory has invited well-known experts to participate in the design and production of machinery, and accelerate the pace of technological upgrading to cope with the current market challenges

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