Fried Instant Noodles Plant

60000 Bags/Shift Automatic Instant Noodles Processing Plant

  • Model:BFP-3Y
  • Capacity:30000 Bags for 8 hours
  • Dimension:40*5*5 m
  • Power:45 kw
  • There are bag instant noodles and round instant noodles production line, and there are multi-functional type. The weight of the instant noodles block can be adjusted from 30 to 100 grams per piece. The equipment capacity of each shift (8 hours) from 60,000 to 200,000 free choice; Press roller width 400mm to 900mm. The equipment additional configuration from the flour conveyor, the flour sieve filter, the cooling air filter, the soup stock investment charter, the packaging machine, the metal weight recognition machine, the packing machine and other free choice.
    Fried Instant Noodle Production Line
    According to the desired production capacity, the instant noodles processing plant can produce 30, 60, 100, 160,or 200 thousand packs of instant noodles every shift . Using the advanced technology for nutrient and instant foodstuff complete lines, the plant is innovative with advanced structure, excellent performance  and reliable quality that provide an ideal choice for the investor in foodstuff industry.
    Fried Instant Noodles Processing Plant
    Automatic instant noodle processing line is the production of new generation which developed by our company based on similar productions from overseas and domestic market.  It has high technology,compact structure,original design and stable performance. 

    Advanced Technologies and High Automation of Fried Instant Noodle Production Line
    1, The closed-loop speed control system, consisting of speed feedback control and high-precision pulse coder, is designed to perform synchronous control on the whole production line, and it is featured of easy adjustment and high precision synchronization.
    2, It takes the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the process center, and perform automatic control on the process, and the motors on most single machines adopt frequency speed control.

    After-sales Service about Automtic Instant Noodle Manufacturing Plant
    1. When customers meet the quality problem using my company's products, reply customer when receiving the request within 24 hours from the customer's complaint. The service personnel shall solve the problem in the time required by the customer.
    2. If the product has a quality problem, the company shall be responsible for replacement and repair of the products until the customer is satisfied.
    3, Our company will provide the perfect online service system, if there is any of product including quality, use, and other related issues, you can also through the online message feedback or directly in the form of E-mail; We will give you a satisfactory reply in the shortest time.

    Our Service
    We sincerely supply comprehensive and best service to all of our customers. We offer services for the following.
    1. supply solutions for the buyers' special demands
    2. new design plant layout according to the actual situation
    3. onsite installation, commissioning and operational training
    4. provide technical support both at setup and maintain
    5. long - term supply of spare parts
    6. warranty service

    About Us
    JINGCHENG Machinery Company set up in 1988, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of different noodle making machines.Our company offers complete sets of fried instant noodle production line and non-fried instant noodle production line, dried noodle production line,fresh noodle production line, corn noodle production line and rice noodle production line. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network . The products of our company are exported to many countries in Asia, Western Europe and South Africa.

    Contact us now! To get more information about noodle production!
  • NO.
    Salt and water mixing machine
    volume: 1000L
    Salt water scaling equipment
    Volume: 100L automatic water feeding and scaling,stainless steel
    Flour mixing machine
    Power: 5-6KW, 100KG/time, double speed, manual rotating opening door.
    Note: If you stick 100kg/h, then one set of 100kg/h flour mixing also is ok.
    Generally we suggest customer to buy 200kg/h model.
    Disc curing machine
    Power:2.2KW, tray size:¢1500X410
    Composite continuous rolling machine
    Roller width:260mm, 6groups rollers, 
    power: 5.5KW, Frequency control of motor speed, 
    stainless steel plate ∮270x1,∮216x1, ∮180x2, ∮126x2
    Multi-layers steamed noodles machine
    Length:10m, single layers steam inputting single, stainless steel, drived by cutting machine
    Soaking and dewatering machine
    Main power: 0.55KW, Frequency control of motor speed, flower discharging axles power:  0.25KW, fan: 0.13KW two sets
    Square noodles Cutting and folding machine
    Power: 2.2KW Frequency control of motor speed, flower discharging axles 
    power: 0.25KW 
    fan: 0.13KW 2sets. 
    Cutting speed: 42times/min, 2rows to 4rows
    Frying machine
    Motor: 2.2KW Frequency control of motor speed, pump: 5.5KW, gear pump: 2.2KW, 
    fan cutter: 2.2KW 
    40m2 spiral plate heat exchanger(1set) 
    Carbon steel plate,
    1.5m3 oil stocking machine(one set), exhaust fan  power:1.1KW
    Air cooling device
    power1.5KW(offered by fryer),
    exhaust fan:3KW (1set),
    axial flow fan 0.25KW (4sets)
    Variable  conveyor
    Motor: 0.37KW
    Products conveyor
    Motor: 0.37kw
    Electric control cabinet
    The main process adopts frequency control of motor speed, PLC program control

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