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Instant Noodles Production Line

2022-01-17 13:37:11

This BFP-20Y instant noodles production line is the largest capacity in the domestic market of our factory, this noodle plant adopts the latest technology of noodle rollers with high efficiency, saving energy saving with high automation.
Instant Noodles Production Line
This instant noodles production line produced by the company is the fifth generation of instant noodle production line based on the original technology and the improvement of advanced technology, which represents the advanced level of domestic industry for noodles machine. The production line is equipped with excellent equipment, the whole process automation degree is high, the operability is strong, the energy consumption is low.
Basic production process of Fried noodle production line:
Cast powder - Water supplying - Measuring transmission - Flour mixing -- Dough rolling -- Continuous rolling -- Noodles waving and splitting -- Steaming noodles -- Instant noodles cutting and dividing -- Instant noodles frying -- Finishing cooling -- Shunt transportation -- Packaging -- Warehousing
Detailed Introduction for Instant Noodles Production Process
1. Casting powder part: Use the air delivery system to transport the raw material (flour) to the dough mixer;
2. Wafer supplying and mixing machine: Mix the salt and other ingredients with the water quickly and mix it into the water supply stage.
3. Measuring water supply part: The mixed water is delivered to the dough mixer uniformly.
4. Dough mixer machine: Mix the flour and water to form a flocculated dough.
5. Dough conveying part: The dough will be automatically and evenly distributed to the rolling section.
6. Compound pressing machine: The flocculating dough is rolled down into a thick layer to enter the continuous rolling stage.
7. Continuous rolling machine: The thick dough sheeet is pressed by the calculation of the calender ratio of the multigroup pressure roll to the final demand.
8. Splitting and waving part: The noodles are cut into the desired shape (the cutter can be wide, narrow, thick, thin, square and round,and cutting knife can be changed), and the noodles are arranged into the desired pattern by using the speed difference.
9. Noodles steaming machine: Use steam to heat the noodles after they are placed.
10. Cutting and dividing part: After the gelatinized noodles are cut and folded, they are sent to the frying pan.
11. Instant Noodle frying machine: The noodles are dried and dehydrated by different frying temperatures.
12. Finishing and cooling section: Cool the top of the hot frying pan.
13. Shunt conveyor section: Transfer the cooled surface block to the packaging machine.
14. Packaging section. Place the incoming block into the desired package and automatically wrap it into finished product.

Working Video of Fried Instant Noodles Production Line
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