Pasta Processing Plant

High Efficiency Pasta Production Line 300kg/h

  • Model:DLG150
  • Capacity:300 kg per hour
  • Dimension:30*2*4 m
  • Power:200kw
  • Function and parameter of main parts of DLG150:
    1. Feeding System
    Installed in the main machine, which feeds materials spirally, and the quantity can be adjusted. This system includes engine, screw, blender and machine shelf. The blending wing is used to prevent roller empty although the materials are inside. The speed should be better if the materials are neither accumulated nor stop.
    2. Extruding System
    Adopts the crafts what can make the materials ripe in the low temperature by blending, cutting and extruding. Temperature control is set strictly on the roller and screw to reach criteria the materials require, thus the stable production can be adjusted according to the food shapes, and enable the materials come out easily and not adhere to the cutter. 
    3. Cutting System
    Includes engine, shelf, cutter and transmitting system. The shelf is fixed on the head of the moulds; and turns and cuts the materials motivated by the belt wheel, the speed of which should be subject to the type of products.
    4. Heating System
     Divides five areas, and the heating temperature of which can be adjusted separately.
    5. Transmitting System
     The motive power from the main engine is transmitted to the screw through the triangle belt and decelerator. This system adopts the frequency & speed technology with reliable adjustment.
    6.Controlling System
    Can control all the components of the main machine centrally. The operation is easy and auto protecting instruments and dashboard.
    pasta processing line
    Besides above system,we also have new design with this machine--Vacuum Pump. For the pasta and macaroni, the big problem is with bubbles and air inside.With the vacuum pump,which can extract air from feeding part,so there will be no any air and bubbles inside the pasta and macaroni,and with the vacuum pump,the finished product will not easy broken and taste also very srong and good.
    macaroni pasta processing line

    Supplier should trial run whole line at supplier’s factory before shipment;
    All raw materials for that trial run to be arranged by supplier at their cost.

    1. Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;
    2. Free project planning and design services;
    3. Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;
    4. Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;
    5. Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
    6. Free new production techniques and formulas;
    7. Provide 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime maintenance service;

    Our Service
    We sincerely supply comprehensive and best service to all of our customers. We offer services for the following.
    1. supply solutions for the buyers' special demands
    2. new design plant layout according to the actual situation
    3. onsite installation, commissioning and operational training
    4. provide technical support both at setup and maintain
    5. long - term supply of spare parts
    6. warranty service

    About Us
    JINGCHENG Machinery Company set up in 1988, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of different noodle making machines.Our company offers complete sets of fried instant noodle production line and non-fried instant noodle production line, dried noodle production line,fresh noodle production line, corn noodle production line and rice noodle production line. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network . The products of our company are exported to many countries in Asia, Western Europe and South Africa.

    Contact us now! To get more information about noodle production!
  • Machine Technical Parameters
    Mixer Dimension(m): 1.1*0.8*1.4
    Power: 4KW
    Running speed of stirring wings: 580rpm
    Mixing time: 3 minutes
    Volume: 50Kg/batch
    Screw conveyor Dimension(m): 3.2*0.6*0.7
    Power: 1.1KW
    Convey height range: 1.5~2.5m
    barrel diameter: Φ141mm
    Screw running speed: 0-225rpm
    Single Screw Extruder Dimension(m): 3.6*1*1.7 
    Main motor: 75kw
    Feeder motor: 0.75kw
    Cutter motor: 2.2kw
    Heater motor: 19kw
    Installed power:95kw
    Cooling Cutter Dimension(m): 2.7×0.7×0.8
    Power: 2.2KW
    Sifter Dimension(m): 1.7×0.8×0.6
    Power: 0.25KW
    Uphill Cooling box
    Dimension(m): 5.4×1.3×1.8
    Power: 6KW
    Sifter Dimension(m): 1.7×0.8×0.6
    Power: 0.25KW
    Uphill oven
    (7 layers 10meters)
    Dimension(m): 10.4×1.3×2.2
    Installed Power:99KW
    Drying temperature: 10—180℃
    Drying time: 5—40min
    Heating system: 80KW
    Transmission motor: 1.5KW
    Cooling Conveyor Dimension(m): 5.2×0.7×1.1
    Power: 1KW

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