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Stick Chicken Noodles Production Machine Working Video

2017-01-06 19:43:52

This video shows the stick noodles production line working. From here, you can clearly see the manufacturing process of stick noodles. This manufacturing plant can produce 5 ton noodles every 8 hours. This whole line is of high automation, from flour mixing to noodles cutting into certain length. For the production capacity, there is usually three type for selection, 3 t/8 hour, 5 t/8 hour, 7 t/8 hour. Our company also can customize this plant according to customer's need. Except stick noodles plant, Jingcheng also provided instant noodles production line, which has 30000, 60000, 100000, 120000, 160000, 200000 bags per shift for selection.

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