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Russian Customer Came for Fried Instant Noodle Line

2017-01-18 19:59:44

On January 18th, 2017, customer from Russia visit Zhengzhou Jingcheng Noodle Manufacturing Machinery for fried instant noodle line. Our sales and Russian translator accompanied them visited our factory, and later went to the factory of one of our customer, to see the working video of fried instant noodle machines.
Russian Customer for Instant  Noodle Line
This is a new factory, and they bought 4 set instant noodles line from Jingcheng, including fried type and non fried type.
Fried Instant Noodle Line
Instant Noodle Production Line
This is the dough mixing machine and continuous rolling machine of instant noodle production line. Parts contacting food are all made of stainless steel material. This production line has small production capacity, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for producing instant noodles. 
Instant Noodle Manufacturing Plant
Fried Instant Noodles Machine

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