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Instant Noodles Production Line Testing Video

2017-01-04 16:39:15

Our company just finished the 200,000 bags/shift instant noodles production line installation in customer factory. Customer decided to buy 4 sets instant noodle line, for the testing video performed good. From this video, there are three floor for this line, the third floor set the flour storehouse, flour from here was sent to dough mixer, which was set on the second floor. For the big instant noodles production, usually install 2 sets dough mixer. Below the dough mixer is the dough aging machine, in due order, continuous rolling machine, splitting and waving machine, instant noodles steaming machine, cooling machine, noodles cutting machine, instant noodle frying machine, cooling machine, packing machine. 
Whole manufacturing process was finished automatically. For the instant noodles line, there are seveal models for selection, from 30k bags/shift to 200k bags/shift. Aoording to the drying method, there are fried instant noodles line and non fried type as your choice. Just tell us your requirement, Jingcheng will provide you the best solution.

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