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Stick Noodles Production Line Installation In Nigeria

2016-07-07 16:49:24

Brine mixing meterNoodle Cutting Machine
Fine Dried Noodle HookDrying Room
Stick Noodles MachineDry Noodls Making Machine

One, flour mixing system. Flour mixing is the first working procedure in noodle production, the purpose is to add right amount of water and other accessories in flour. The device has a single shaft dough mixer machine, biaxial dough mixer machine matching with different noodle machine. 
Two, dough pressing, cutting system, curing machine, compound machine, rolling machine, cutting machine, rod supplying machine, noodle hanging machine, six parts form an organic whole repeatedly noodles forming stage. 
Three, automatic shelves end tail cutting device consists of ascension, putting-up, cut, control cabinet.
Four, drying system includes the drying operation main drive, steel structure of the cooling fan, moisture removal fan, steam heating tube, sensor, the temperature and humidity detection control instrument, electrical control and so on, 
Five, off-from the shelvesfinished product system consists of putting-down machine, tidy machine, cut machine, control cabinet and so on, after 4 to 5 hours to dry. 

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