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Large Capacity Dry Noodles Making Machine

2016-07-13 19:16:30

Dry noodles machine production line configuration 
Largr Dry Noodles Making Machine
1, Flour mixing system 
The equipment include the flour elevator, conveyor flour, salt water mixer, dough mixer, electric control cabinet.Quantitative control flour and mix well salt water, form the spray pattern, make the billet material loose, dry wet evenly. 
2, Dough pressing, cutting system 
Curing machine, compound machine, rolling machine, cutting machine, rod supplying machine, noodle hanging machine, six parts form an organic whole repeatedly noodles forming stage. Mixed dough cure for 10 minutes, stirring to form wet gluten flour fully absorbing water, made into composite machine at the same time, and then through the four roll calender,press0.8 to 2 mm sheet. Through cutting knife, cut into certain length noodles. The cut noodles are hang up to parallel chain stores. 
3, Automatic shelves end cutting device 
Through ascension, hanging rod, cut, control cabinet. Hung on steel bar of wet noodles ascend to the starting point of drying room to run, using infrared integrated circuit control, synchronously on the hanger mobile drying device. Tail cut machine is installed on the starting point in the process of the dry, cut down the flour of the first recycling use at any time, because of cut in advance into the drying process, after a certain length of cracker dough greatly reduced head. 
4, Drying system 
Consists of drying operation main transmission, wire rope, chain hanging device, steel structure of the cooling fan, ceiling fan, moisture removal steam heating tube, sensor, the temperature and humidity detection control instrument, electrical control cabinet, etc. Mobile rope hanging adopts stepless speed regulation, per minute 10 to 14 rod speed have given away a noodle three drying zone. Article 1 district cooling set, to prevent the noodles elongation and rapid surface drying, 2 division of sweating, manufacture to meet the internal moisture diffusion and control surface drying degree of high temperature high humidity drying; 3 district cooling heat dissipation, slow drying purpose for finished products. 
5, Putting-down product system 
By the next frame machine, tidy machine, cut machine, control cabinet and so on, after four 4-5 hours to dry, like a straight line of dry noodles was chain down from the hook into slice machine, cut into each section of 240 mm (length can be adjusted), by measuring with 250 grams, 500 grams of commodity packaging into beautiful, affordable. 

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