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Advantages of Fried Instant Noodles Manufacturing Plant

2017-06-13 14:47:05

The instant noodles production line performance is superior in the following aspects, the equipment has reached the international advanced level:
One, Stable, simple equipment operation, low failure rate;
Two, The equipment price is much cheaper than imported the same equipment as 20% to 40%.
Three, Equipment integrated operation cost is low, each instant noodles production line only need 5-8 production workers (not including the packing area);
Four, very perfect after-sale service system.
Instant Noodle Processing Equipment
As a reliable instant noodles equipment manufacturer, our factory design and manufacture Fried noodles production line equipment can produce different shapes of instant noodles, such as wide and thin, also square shape, round, oval, etc. Production line equipment has stable performance, food contact parts adopt stainless steel material, green and practical, accord with food hygiene requirements, mechanical and electrical integration is realized. Instant noodles produced by this equipment have bright color, taste smooth, resistance to boiling. This production line has the advantages of low investment, high automation, have been exported to Europe and America, southeast Asia and other countries, well received by users.

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