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FAQ About Instant Noodles Production Line

2017-06-13 14:46:14

1, I want to learn more about your company's instant noodles production line and related equipment and its price, thank you!
Administrator reply: Hello! Glad to see your message! Product information and configuration you need, I have already arranged related sales send to your email, please confirm, if in doubt may at any time online communication, we are looking forward to cooperation with you, thank you!
Instant Noodles Manufacturing Process
2, Interested in your instant noodle production line, can you explain it in detail?
Answer: Nice to see your message! Later there will be our colleague will contact with you, this series of equipment, has a variety of models, for the specific information you can learn in the mail. I wish you everything goes well!

3, I want to buy Fried instant noodles production line.
Reply: The company produces high-end instant noodles production line complete sets equipment, mainly including mixer, curing machine, composite rolling machine, continuous pressing machine, instant noodles steaming machine, cutting folding machine, frying machine, dryer, air cooling machine, electric control system. You can tell us your specific requirement, so we can suggest you suitable machines.

4, I want to know about the Fried instant (fast food) noodles line specific price including additional equipment.
Reply: Thank you for your attention to my company's products! Fried instant (fast food) noodles line series of products, please directly dial 18595717505, contact with the project principal advisory details, if you have time and you are always welcome to visit on-the-spot investigation to understand, we look forward to cooperate with you, thank you!

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