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Dry Noodles Production Line

2016-06-16 20:47:09

The dry noodle mkaing machines are with the advanced technology, high degree automation, frequency conversion, PLC controlled. The weight of noodle cake can be adjusted automatically while the line's running, the temperature of the drying machine can be auto controlled, the line running safety, and easy maintenance. The mixer with double shaft and speed, more water feed, more even for the flour and water's admixture, the feeder with type double pan to guarantee the flour's accordant aging, the roller with 9 pairs of alloy steel, and steaming noodle's flavor by soaking process.
Stick Noodles Processing LineStick noodles production line is divided into two kinds, medium and low temperature. Noodle is a kind of popular, and has a unique flavor of traditional convenience foods. With the development and progress of modern society, are increasingly demanding in the quality of noodle, so stick noodle production line is designed and manufactured. With the complete set of equipment for processing of dry noodles was widely welcomed, its surface is smooth, neat appearance, good color, savory smell, resistance to boiling constantly. In different materials can also work out various health nutrition noodles. 

Features of stick noodles production line of complete sets of equipment: 
1. The mixer adopts twin twist design 
2. The slice blade, wear-resisting 
3. Equipped with high-precision metal detector 
4. The feedback control of low temperature drying wet temperature control system 
5. High efficiency, low loss of dry noodles cutting machine 
6. Equipped with cracker noodle end recycling system 
7. It can produce a variety of different specifications of the stick noodles

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