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Fried Instant Noodles Processing Line

2016-06-14 20:29:49

Fried instant noodles machine

Fried instant noodles machine production lines of our company are exported overseas, with advanced technology, unique craft, etc. The whole production line has new design, safe and reliable, with beautiful appearance and high automation. Easy to operate, can greatly improve the production efficiency, saving the cost of production. It is one kind of advanced domestic instant noodles production equipment. 
The instant noodles production line includes: brine mixer, brine metering device, biaxial and double speed mixer, disc curing machine, rolling machine, steaming noodles machine, instant noodles cutting machine, instant noodles frying machine, cooling machine, conveyor, electric control cabinet and other devices. 

Features of automatic Fried instant noodles processing line are: the temperature control system can accurately control the oil temperature, Fried instant noodles are of good quality and can save fuel costs, durable. Oil circulation pump adopts special high temperature resistant stainless steel material, which can be used for more than 10 years, adopting multiple filter frying oil, extending shelf life. Unique control system and the structure ensure the safe use, easy to clean. Fried instant noodle machine has high efficiency, stable performance, installation is convenient, and the fries instant noodles are delicious, with beautiful color and lustre.

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