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What are the Difference Between Fried and Nonfried Instant Noodles?

2017-04-20 18:07:41

Non Fried instant noodles was born in Japan for a long time, but its market share in Japan has only about 15%. Because they said nutrients almost no difference between fried and non fried instant noodles. Choose instant noodles, critical look at personal taste.
Instant Noodles
1. Fried and not Fried instant noodles different in one procedure
A lot of people know, deep Fried instant noodles can be kept for long-term preservation. So, why non Fried instant noodles can also save so long time?
In fact, two kinds of instant noodles on the pressing and the cutting process basically the same, just have a difference in the last drying methods. Deep-fried instant noodles can keep dry, a lot of holes on the surface of noodles, can quickly absorb water after water injection. Not Fried instant noodles use hot air drying process, water absorption is poorer, therefore used as a cooking noodles to eat. At present many companies also are taking advantage of high temperature, microwave, frozen or vacuum drying method to improve water absorption capacity.
2. The nutritional difference in the calorie 
Between the Fried or not Fried, very many people are concerned about the nutrition in the first place. Research has shown that both almost have same nutrients. They both 1.7 times the protein composition  more than with the quality of rice and 3.8 times more calcium, iron more than 2 times. According to nutrition, protein 15%, lipids 25%, carbohydrate 60% in food, is a balanced performance, the two kinds of instant noodles, at this point is close to the ideal state, therefore, they are balanced, to supplement energy, convenient and easy to be absorbed by human body.
The big difference of these two kinds of instant noodles is the calorie on nutrition. For Fried instant noodles, oil content is about 18%-20%, the moisture below 10%; While not Fried instant noodles, water content is more, but the fat content was only about a quarter of Fried instant noodles.

Compared to non fried type, the difference in fried Instant noodle production line lies in the drying machine parts. If you are interested in instant noodles machine, just feel free to contact us.

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