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Whole Set Equipment for Instant Noodle Production

2017-04-21 11:18:30

Whole set equipment for instant noodle production include flour feeding device, dough mixer, saline water mixing machine, quantitative saline supplying device, compound and continuous dough rolling machine, instant noodle waving device, noodle steaming machine, cutting machine, instant noodle frying machine, cooling machine, and packing machine.

Basic Production Process for Fried Instant Noodles Production Line:
Casting powder - Saline water mixing- Measuring saline water - Mixing flour - Dough rolling - Continuous rolling - Instant noodle splitting and waving - Steaming noodles - Cutting and dividing - Frying instant noodles - Finishing cooling - Shunt transportation - Packaging - Warehousing
Flour Feeding PartDetailed Instant Noodles Production Process
One, Flour feeding part
Using the pneumatic conveying system convey raw materials (flour) into the flour mixer(the collection of powder storehouse can realize full automation).

Second, Saline water distribution part
Quickly mixing water with salinity and other ingredients, entered the stage of measuring water supply.

Three, measuring water supply part
The mixing water is distributed quantitatively to the mixer.

Fourth, Flour mixing part 
Stir the flour and water thoroughly, kneading to flocculent dough.

Five, Mixed flour conveying part
Automatically and evenly convey mixed dough into compoud rolling section.

Six, Compound rolling part
Through the pressing roller, press flocculent dough into thick dough sheet, stepped into the stage of continuous rolling.

Seven, Continuous rolling part 
According to calculate a good proportion of rolling, thick dough sheet through pressing of multiple sets of rollers rolling into a final demand thin dough sheet. 

Instant Noodle Splitting MachineEight, Splitting and waving part
Split dough sheet into the required instant noodles(cutting knife can be changed according to the wide and narrow, thick, thin, square, round), using the differential speed wave noodles into the required pattern.

Nine, Noodles steaming part
Using steam heating to make instant noodles gelatinization.

Ten, Cutting and dividing part
Noodles after pasting are cut into certain size, sending to folding box for frying.

Eleven, Noodles frying part
Instant noodles realize drying or dehydration in different frying temperature range

Twelve, Finishing cooling part
Cooling the instant noodles after high temperature frying.
Instant Noodle Cooling Machine
Thirteen, Shunt transmission
Send instant noodles after cooling respectively to the packaging machine.

Fourteen, Packing part
Automatically packing instant noodles into finished products with required seasoning sauce.

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