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Non-fried Instant Noodles Production Line

2016-10-21 20:49:00

non fried instant noodlesWhen instant noodles were invented, frying was found out to be the most efficient way among several possible drying ways. So after that, for many decades, instant noodles have always been fried to be dry. Following the judgments about fried foods, the new pattern of non-frying has shown appearance in people's views. Presently, non-fried noodles are drawing more attention from the public. So what's the difference between frying and non-frying and what's the influence to instant noodles?
Basically speaking, instant noodles is a kind of cooked noodles. For convenience, noodles need to be dried for storage. And frying is the most effective way. But fried noodles often contain much left oil. This not so healthy to our health.
And non-fried instant noodles is dried by drying not frying. Thus it can avoid of leaving too much oil in the noodles. And non-fried instant can be maintained for longer period than fried instant noodles.
The advantages are also the main reason that our non fried instant noodles production line is so popular and accords with the market's demands. It's automatic, efficient, secure and the products are of high-quality .This line will be an excellent choice for wise customers.

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