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Non Fried Instant Noodles Processing Line Growing Rapidly

2016-06-07 21:29:25

With success of commodity economy and improvement of people's living standard, possibilities of non fried instant noodle production lines are very positive. Recently, the condition has elevated the medicine and food quality and safety supervision, the food production technology have submit new needs. Numerous food production businesses have invested capital to handle technological transformation of packaging equipment and production technology innovation, to some extent, enhance the amount of China's food industry and market competitiveness.
Non fried instant noodles processing line
Although our country non fried instant noodle production line technological level continues to be enhanced, the non fried instant noodle production line technology and developed nations in comparison within the levels of competition are apparent vulnerable. So we must boost the technical innovation.
since our organization establishment, we effectively developed a number of food grains apart from wheat and grain noodles fried "," vegetable dietary noodles ", numerous new items and equipment, a complete group of production lines. Its effective development will enable China's instant noodle market items includes fried to non fried, from simplification to diversification, from unhealthy foods to food and diet also can result in instant noodles production market in our country growth and development of leap.
Production technologies are advanced, mature and reliable technology, equipment supporting reasonable. Noodle machine adopts probably the most advanced technology from the single machine, which could spend less than 30% from the noodles, at 70 degrees can establish top quality noodles. The noodles than fried instant noodles taste versatility, good versatility, high diet. Drying out equipment adopts a brand new kind of energy-saving heat drying out, in order to increase the decrease in energy consumption. Reasonable matching of flour milling equipment. The dwelling from the equipment created by ourselves consists of precision machining with stable performance and lengthy service existence. Simultaneously, additionally, it ensures the soundness of product quality.

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