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Introduction of Fried Instant Noodles Machine

2017-02-18 16:13:06

With rapid development of the economic, the pace of life is becoming faster at the same time, and the fast food enjoy great populairity among people, and the instant noodles is the mainstream product among fast food. According to the relevant statistic, shows that the sales volume of per person is very large, so choosing the fried instant noodles machine is a top choice for you to develop instant noodles market to enlarge your market share.
Fried Instant Noodles Machine Line
Production line:
The whole production line consists of  salt water mixer, salt water gauging device, double-shaft and double-speed dough mixer, aging machine, compound rolling machine, continuous rolling machine, steaming machine, cutting and dividing machine, frying machine, cooling machine, shunt transmission machine and packing machine, the series of machine will produce instant noodles automatically entirely.

Instant Noodles Production ProcessOperation process: (technical points)
Step1: dough mixing, is mixing water and flour for a certain time so that form a wet dough having processing function. Step 2.dough aging, is the process of improve the processing function as time goes by. Step3: compound rolling , after the period of aging, the dough will be rolled through the two parallel press rollers to be two flour sheets, these two flour sheets are overlapping parallel, and then becoming a same thickness and solid flour belt through a press roller.) Step4: the dough sheet will be cut and form required pattern, the flour sheet through the knife roller with high speed to be strips, and then transfer to the shaping mesh belt through the shaping machine. Owing to the speed of knife is high, the speed of shaping belt is low, the speed difference makes noodles with wave pattern. Step5: steaming: under the certain time and temperature, the noodles can be steamed by steam. Actually, it’s a process of starch gelatinization. Step6: Frying: certain noodles are in the oil frying box by high temperature, the water exist in the noodles will be vaporized right away, the starch further gelatinization. Step7: cooling: the noodles are just out of oil, the temperature is too high to pack, it’s necessary to cool so that can be packed better.

Advantages: High efficiency, full automation, stable performance.

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