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200,000 Bags Per shift Instant Noodles Machine Operating In China

2016-08-31 20:27:31

Now the instant noodles production line put into use. Tianyi Food enterprices bought 3 sets instant noodles production line, which can produce 200,000 bags per shift (every 8 hours).
Instant Noodles Processing Line
This instant noodles processing is used to process fried instant noodles, In the installation site, there are 3 floors. On the third floor, set the flour feeding device. From here, flour will be delivered into Dough mixer, which set in the second floor, below the dough mixer is the dough curing machine, setting in the first floor.  The following is dough pressing machine, noodles steaming machine, instant noodles cutting machine, instant noodles frying machine, instant noodles cooling machine, and instant noodles packing machine.

Just let us know your requirement and size of your factory, we can design the suitable layout for you.

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